Ultimate Fat-Loss


Save $100 off our most popular weight-loss and inch-loss program. Reg. $550 Now only $450

BEFORE                                       AFTER

Weight: 193 lbs.                              Weight: 172 lbs.
Body Fat %: 18.9%                          Body Fat %: 14.4%

BEFORE                                     AFTER

*Inch Loss is calculated based on a 15-point measurement system over the entire body. Results vary based on each body type and clients should not expect dramatic inch-loss from any specific area in a single visit. Diet and exercise will also help prolong and promote inch-loss results.

To order by phone, book an appointment, or find out more about the program, please call us at (858) 754-9946


Lose weight and inches with our protein shake and body wrap program.  The plant protein shakes should be mixed with fruit drinking one shake for breakfast and another for lunch, with a sensible dinner consisting of lean protein and vegetables.  During the two-week period while on the protein shake program, schedule 3 or more body wraps to help tighten the skin and lose additional inches while shedding pounds following the program.* 

Product purchase charges will be incurred at the time phone or online order is placed as to ensure the product is available for your scheduled appointment or pick-up day.  Cancellations on orders received either by phone or through our online store for Fat-Loss Programs and Monthly Supplement Packages are subjuct to a $49.00 restocking fee per package and program purchased.



* To maximize results and achieve the most weight-loss, healthy eating choices and staying strict with the program is required. Daily exercise is also recommended.

All Sales are final. Body wraps are by appointment only and will be booked based on availability at our La Jolla location only. New Body Now does not issue refunds. For more details please see our
Policies page.

Body wraps provide inch loss, NOT WEIGHT LOSS, so diet and exercise may be required along with regular body wraps to achieve and maintain desired results.


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