1)     What is a Mineral Detox Body Wrap?

At New Body Now, our Mineral Detox Body Wraps use Ace-type bandages soaked in a powerful, all-natural mineral solution specially formulated to remove toxins from the body.  The bandages are applied tightly to the entire body (except the neck, face and head) wrapping the client much in the way a mummy would be wrapped.  These are active body wraps, so once wrapped, the client will be lightly exercising on a gazelle for a portion of their treatment.

2)    How does it benefit my body and skin?

The mineral solutions used contain many nutrient-rich full spectrum and trace minerals that are readily absorbed and needed by the skin and body.  These minerals serve many vital benefits to the body and assist in pulling out unwanted toxins and waste in the body that builds up as a result of exposure to pollutants and chemicals each day.  The skin will be softer and revitalized with vibrancy following the treatment because the minerals will bring a balance to any deficiencies with the skin and body.  This balance will leave the client feeling light and refreshed following the treatment.

3)    What is in the solution?

The exact chemical composition of our mineral solutions is proprietary.  However, it is composed of completely safe and all-natural coarse and soft minerals found all around the world.  Some of the elements that make up our solutions include, but are not limited to, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Oxygen.

4)    How do I loose inches and is it temporary water loss?

The body wraps do not promote temporary water loss.  They provide instant inch-loss to clients because the toxins that build up inside the body are stored as fat and are actually stored around fat cells in the body.  The mineral solution soaks into the skin and forces the toxins out of the body allowing the areas with fat cell concentration to instantly shrink and reduce in size.

5)    How many inches will I lose?

Inch-loss depends on each individual person and factors such as body type, deficiencies, and over-all health will cause results to vary.  Our trained technicians use proven wrapping techniques and typical single treatment results can consistently achieve 6-15 inches lost when measuring several areas on the body.  Please note, this does not mean you’ll lose 6 or more inches off of one area in a single treatment. 

6)    How long will the inches stay off?

Typically, the inches will stay off anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending again on body type and lifestyle.  Toxins are absorbed into the body every day and therefore must be regularly removed for maintenance and to maximize results and benefits.

7)     Why do I have to exercise with the active mineral body wraps?

Once you are wrapped in mineral soaked bandages, the light movement increases circulation allowing for better absorption of the minerals.  The result is more minerals can enter the body forcing out more toxins than if you were to lie still.

8)    What should I avoid to maintain the best results?

Processed foods, caffeine, sugars, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are some of the most common toxins to avoid. 

9)    How often do I need a body wrap?

It really depends on your individual goals.  If you are trying to lose weight and detoxify in the process to maximize results, we recommend you get a mineral body wrap once a week.  If you are happy were you are at and just want the health benefits of the minerals and to maintain your current level of health, two body wraps per month should keep you feeling refreshed and healthy.

10)                        How often should I detoxify and what should I do for best results? 

Toxins are put into the body each and every day from thousands of sources at a rate the body cannot handle.  For this reason, a mineral detox treatment should be done once a week.  In addition, we recommend daily intake of liquid mineral supplements to fill any deficiencies and we also recommend eating foods that help the body naturally detoxify.  We can offer you a free sample of foods and meals that will help you achieve great results.  Just ask our front-desk representative for a copy at the end of your treatment.   

11)   What is the difference between a Mineral Detox Body Wrap and an Infrared SUDATONIC Body Wrap?

The Mineral Detox Body Wrap pulls out toxins and provides instant inch-loss.  The Infrared SUDATONIC Body Wrap burns fat and calories under a heat blanket pulling out excess water and toxins from the body.  The former is for inch-loss, the latter for fat-loss.  Both provide detoxification benefits though.

12)   What is the difference between a Mineral Detox Body wrap and an Advanced Detox Body Wrap?

The Mineral Detox Body Wrap is a single body wrap using our powerful mineral solution.  The Advanced Detox Body Wrap is a two-wrap treatment that allows client to maximize results and achieve the greatest inch-loss in one visit.  During the first half of the treatment, you are wrapped in a solution that helps to prep the skin and open pores using our fat-loss booster formula.  After the skin is prepped for best mineral absorption, you are wrapped again with our mineral solution used with the Mineral Detox Body Wrap.

13)   What are the benefits of doing a Mineral Detox Body Wrap and Infrared SUDATONIC Body Wrap in a single visit?

Fat-loss and inch-loss…in a single visit.  If your goal is to lose fat, weight and inches, this is probably the combo of choice.  We do not guarantee weight-loss with this service (and be wary of those who do), but you will detoxify and burn calories resulting in rapid body fat-loss and instant inch-loss.

14)  Do home body wrap kits work?

Some do, but only a little.  First of all, it is unlikely makers of home body wrap kits can afford to offer the level of concentrated solution necessary for great results.  If they can, the price to purchase will probably not look so attractive.  In addition, a person cannot wrap themselves in a way that will achieve even mediocre results.  At New Body Now, we have at least two trained technicians wrapping each client using specific contouring techniques to get our clients professional results.   

15)   Do all body wrap salons use the same solution?

Not at all.  For starters, most salons offering body wraps use an esthetician to rub clay or mud on a client lying on a table and they are covered and left to rest for a while.  These wraps offer more skin benefits than anything, and though they may claim some inch-loss can be achieved, it is not typical, nor is it noticeable.  We keep an esthetician on staff; however, our wraps are geared towards the amazing inch-loss and full-body detoxification benefits achieved when the service is rendered.  Another word of caution, if the price is really low for a body wrap (or a series of them), be certain they’re not just going to give you a bottle of mystery spray and escort you to a room to give yourself the treatment.  The results will most likely disappoint you in this situation as well.   

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